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Cheaters’ Chocolate Pudding

At the moment I’m slowly reducing the amount of sugar I’m consuming (and it’s going well so far!), but with that I’ve been craving dessert like mad. Anything loaded with sugar and sweetness. Or anything I can convince myself is loaded with sugar, but it is pretty much sugar-free (well, apart from the natural milk-sugars but I’m not counting those in this case).

This pudding was a bit of an accident that happened at lunch time yesterday. I had natural yoghurt, but didn’t know what to put with it. I’m all out of fruit, and I wasn’t in the mood for cereal. Then I spotted the cocoa powder and thought ‘why not?’.

Well, I’ll tell you why not. Since then, I’ve made this twice. And I might just have to have this for breakfast and/or dessert for the rest of my life. It may not look that pretty, but it’s good. So, so good that I only managed to get a picture with my phone, so I apologise for the poor image. But you all need to try this ASAP. Trust me.

It’s so simple and easy that it really doesn’t need a recipe (hence the ‘cheaters”) but I’ll put this here anyway.

Cheaters’ Chocolate Pudding

  • 100g low fat natural yoghurt
  • 6g unsweetened cocoa powder (I use bourneville – it’s just pure cocoa and, nothing else)
  • 1-2 tsp sweetener
  1. Mix the cocoa powder into the yoghurt a little bit at a time to stops it from forming lumps. I find whipping it with a fork mixes it nice and thoroughly (I was a little lazy today, sadly, so the above picture isn’t as smooth as it was the first time I made).
  2. Add your sweetener, and mix thoroughly.

Sprinkle with nuts, mix it some cereal or fruit, or just enjoy it on it’s own!


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