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Sleep-in Sandwiches and Salted Coffee

It’s pretty rare for me to over-sleep… Whilst I set my alarm during term time just-in-case, I never bother during the holidays as I usually find myself waking up between 7 and 8am without fail. However, when I rolled out of bed yesterday and jabbed at my phone to read the time, I was surprised to see 11:24 flash up on the display.


It was a little too late for breakfast, so I decided to make myself brunch with some leftovers I had lying around. There were two slices of bread left over from when I had my friend staying that were starting to go a little stale, and my bananas are starting to get a bit on the over-ripe side. There’s also a handful of blueberries I picked up reduced, so… banana and blueberry toasted sandwich, anyone?

With peanut butter, of course. I’m addicted to peanut butter with bananas. I’m still not sure how I stopped myself smothering this thing in Nutella as well…

Yesterday was also the day I also discovered the magic that is salted coffee! You’re probably making the same face I did when I first read about putting salt in coffee, but hear me out! It’s just a pinch of salt, and you can’t taste it at all. Why bother, then, I hear you ask? Well, the salt somehow removes the bitterness. The first article I read cited several several scientific experiments stating why it happens, but I shied away from them… I still haven’t gotten over the trauma of having to read 10 gazillion journals on the evolutionary history of amphibians. Always one to try new things, though, I gave it a go this morning and I wasn’t disappointed! I keep saying I’m going to quit drinking coffee (again… I was coffee free for year until exams came around) but now it’s looking more and more difficult…

Recipe for the toasted sandwiches beneath the cut.

Don’t worry, I didn’t use all of that butter. And yes… that is an enormous tub of cinnamon…

Banana, Blueberry & Peanut Butter Toastie
(Serves 1)

  • lightly salted butter or spread
  • 2 slices of your favourite bread
  • 1 tbsp peanut butter
  • 1 small banana (or half a large banana), sliced
  • handful of blueberries
  • cinnamon, optional
  1. In a toaster, toast the two slices of bread on lowest setting. They should be starting to crisp but not changing/darkening colour (you want what my mother calls ‘anaemic toast’).
  2. Place an un-oiled frying pan over medium to high heat to warm it up. Optionally, pre-heat your sandwich press/press grill if you have one… it’s probably much¬†probably easier than using a frying pan, but alas~ being a student requires making the most of what I have to hand.
  3. Butter one side of each slice of toast, then turn over and spread peanut butter on the other side. Layer your slices banana on top of one of the peanut butter sides. Dust the banana with cinnamon, then sprinkle the blueberries on the other peanut butter side, pressing them down a little so they stick. After, quickly press the to two sides together; the two buttered sides should make up the top and bottom of the sandwich.
  4. Move the sandwich to the frying pan and cook the first side until browned as desired. Flip over carefully and cook the other side.
  5. When both sides toasted, transfer to plate and enjoy!

Salted butter was all we had lying around in the fridge, but I found it worked really well to bring out the sweetness of the banana and blueberries so I recommend it if you aren’t trying to reduce your sodium intake.


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