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The five-and-a-half hour wait…

I finally have a WiFi connection again! Whilst sitting in the train and ferry terminal. I’ve not caught the coach back to London yet, hence the waiting.

The above is another way of saying that my two weeks (plus a few days of adventuring in Wales) of volunteering at RSPB South Stack are over! I had an amazing time working at the reserve; I met some wonderful people during my time there, and I’ve learnt so many new things. I even sold my first (and only, so far) RSPB membership! I’ve also seen some brilliant sights and had the chance to take some beautiful pictures, which I’ll be uploading my Flickr account bit-by-bit.

Silver-studded Blue Butterfly
One of the silver-studded blue butterflies I came across on an unsuccessful early morning hunt for adders.

Whilst the weather on Holy Island was a little chilly at first, after day 4 it cleared up nicely, and over the rest of the days there was blue sky and bright sun. Thankfully I didn’t get sunburnt; I make sure to put suncream on my face especially as I have really fair skin, but I now have a dusting of freckles (which I love, so I’m happy about that) and (somehow, as I usually burn) a soft golden tan on my arms. Even my legs are starting to get a bit of colour to them. I do have a nice red rash on my arms from brushing against some plants at Bodnant Gardens** yesterday, minds…

Not having a car made getting around a tad bit difficult, but I still managed to do a bit of castle visiting at Conwy, Caernarfon and Penrhyn. Castles, ruins (ruined castles, oh my~) and anything related to the ‘dark-ages’ are a not-so-secret love of mine; if I wasn’t studying a combination of biology and geology, I’m absolutely certain I’d be studying archaeology.

Two of the several lovely Choughs on the RSPB South Stack reserve.

Whilst I’ll be sad to leave the beautiful country that is Wales, part of me can’t wait to return to London. I’ll be travelling home (another 7 hour coach ride!) on Thursday to visit my parents, but before that I’ll get to spend two days with my boyfriend, whom I’ve not had contact with for a month due to him volunteering in the Amazon.

And after drafting this (and getting distracted by youtube and facebook…) I only have 2 and a half hours left to wait!

**If you ever find yourself in Wales, Bodnant Gardens is a must see. Nestled in one of Snowdonia’s Valleys, the gardens are absolutely breathtaking.


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