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Waste not, want not…

When visiting my grandparents last week they gave me a wooden storage box that had been passed on to them a few years ago when a friend of theirs passed away. Not knowing what to use it for, my nana had stored it away in a cupboard where it was forgotten about until she stumbled upon it once more when searching for something else. My family very rarely throw things away unless they’re broken beyond repair, so it has now been passed on to me. The wood is splintering in parts, but a sanding-down and a coat of paint should bring it back to life.

A Little Wooden Box

Sadly, it’ll probably have to wait a few weeks. Firstly, I need to get hold of some sandpaper and paint. London, as big as it is, has a sad lack of DIY shops in its centre, but when I go home Boyes should have everything that I need. I’m thinking of painting it either all white, or a mix of white and pastel blue. I might raid my patterned paper horde as well and line the lid and divider sections if I find anything nice…

A Little Wooden Box
It even has a little divider!

I’m also still in the process of packing for my adventure to Anglesey tomorrow, which should probably take first priority. I did go out for a short run today but the supermarket hayfever medicine seems to be doing very little help and I spent much of the time fighting to breathe . Better luck next time, I guess.


One thought on “Waste not, want not…

  1. that will look lovely when its done. be due to show us. there are loads of nice wood stains available. I keep walking past the local”junk shop” and my husband has to drag me away as we don’t have the room to start doing up furniture and stuff!

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