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The busy little bird…

This is a long and sadly not that interesting read. I forgive those of you if who just scan over this, perhaps look at the pictures, then go about your life – I’d probably do the same. After all, time is short. And, so begins the epic of my life this past week.

Yesterday marked 6 months of being with my boyfriend, but sadly I couldn’t spend the day with him as he’s off assisting researchers in the Amazon.  I won’t hear from until the 13th-14th July, but until then I should be distracted so won’t miss him too much.

My mum also went home yesterday after visiting for several days. I haven’t been home since Christmas and I won’t be visiting home for another four weeks, so it was lovely to see her and spend time with her. I’m really looking forward to going home as well, as it’ll be nice to see my brother and dad too. Before then, however, I’ll be off to Holy Head for volunteering with the RSPB where I shall be living on the reserve for two weeks. I’m not quite sure what to expect, so I’m both nervous and excited. I’m sure it’ll be fun and I hope I’ll be lucky enough to spot a hooded crow, though the reserve is known mostly for it’s Puffins and Razorbills. I’ll be taking my camera along to get some more practice in with my new lens, so fingers-crossed that I can get some great pictures whilst I’m there.

Fish at Kew Royal Botanical Gardens
Spying on the fish at Kew Royal Botanical Gardens

The last five days have flown by quickly, but they say that time flies when you’re having fun. Though it’s mostly been overcast here in London for the week, I took my mother to Kew Gardens where we admired the flowers and had much fun watching the fish. We even spotted a woodpecker hopping around the Japanese Landscape exhibit, though he was scared off by other visitors before I could get a clear picture.

Flowers at Kew Royal Botanical Gardens

I did originally plan to take her to see Star Trek but nowhere seemed to be screening it in 2D (the 3D versions give her migraines) so our other days were filled with browsing the British Museum and National Gallery, meeting my flatmate for bubble-tea, making pineapple jam, and visiting Old Spitalfield’s Market. I got a cute little necklace there, and I bought my mum a pocket watch. I also got her some new shoes on Oxford Street before treating her to dinner at Leong’s Legend in Chinatown. Though she still hasn’t got the knack of using chopsticks, she made light work of their xiaolongboa (soup dumplings) – there were some rather messy attempts at eating them at a neighbouring table, so I’m proud of her.

Globe in The British Museum
I thought I’d been around all the sections of the British Museum, but we discovered another little room with watches, globes and astronomical instruments…

On her last night here, we cooked together as we usually do when I’m back home. We made an Asian-style soup with glass noodles, which tasted divine despite being a made-up on-the-spot dish. I’ll have to attempt to make it again, and if turns out same then I will definitely share the recipe. I cooked her vegetable curry earlier in the week, so might share that recipe too. I personally thought it was a bit average (it’s a lazy dish I make all the time, so to me it’s nothing special) but her and my flatmate were adamant that it was amazing.

After dinner, seeing as the sun had finally made an appearance, we went for a walk in Regents park so I could point out the many Herons lurking along the bank of the lake. We also saw a Great Crested Grebe, which had me grinning from ear to ear. The boyfriend will be jealous when he hears – he saw brief glimpse once in the park a couple of months ago, and he’s been trying to find it again every time we go to the park for a walk.

Great Crested Grebe in Regents Park
A beautiful Crested Grebe in Regents Park. I was jogging past the lake today and counted another three!

Roses in Regents Park

And so it was busy week, in short. Now I’m relaxing, having spent the day sorting things for my fortnight away, following a morning of tidying and defrosting the freezer. I had two 5-litre boxes full of ice by the time I’d finished scooping out all the ice, but at least there’s now room for me to store the home-grown rhubarb mum brought down for me. My flatmate has gone home for the weekend, so I might tackle the fridge tomorrow if there’s time; her and I binned copious amounts of bread (4+ loaves!) our other flatmate had left to go mouldy. There was also a carton of milk we had to throw, and last week I’d tossed out two bags of rotten potatoes and half an onion from back of the cupboard. Neither of us are that happy with her at the moment, but that’s a whole other story I shan’t go into…


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