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Cake, cake, cake!

I love cake. I really, really love cake. Cake is amazing, and given the chance I would eat it for every meal of the day if someone were to invent a cake without all the calories, and with the right balance of nutrients, vitamins and fibre needed for a healthy diet.

Tomorrow I’m going to a all-day birthday/leaving party at a friend’s house. Apart from a glass of wine with my meal at Christmas, New Years and Easter I never really drink alcohol so, instead of bringing along a crate of beer or a cider, I will arrive bearing boxes of frosted, cakey goodness.

So, what’s on the menu? A Coconut & Pineapple Upside-Down Bundt Cake, Coconut Cupcakes with Pineapple Jam Filling and Vanilla Frosting, and last but not least, Cinnamon Cupcakes with Apple Sauce Filling and Cinnamon-Vanilla Frosting. Cream-cheese frosting, might I add!

I couldn’t snap decent picture of the bundt cake because a) I forgot to take my camera downstairs so only had my phone and b) the kitchen is really tiny, and finding a spot with perfect lighting was impossible. At least when it came to the cupcakes, I’d had the time to grab my DSLR. I rarely beautify images in Photoshop, but because the lighting was poor and the images came out dark, I swallowed my pride and played about with them. I’m pretty happy with the results, so I’ll forgive myself this time.

The apple-filled cupcakes were dusted with cinnamon, whilst the pineapple cupcakes are a mix of white vanilla cream-cheese frosting, and frosting with sprinkles.
More Cupcakes!
So many cupcakes, so little time~! Carrying all of these on the underground is going to be a challenge…

Keep an eye out, because I’ll be sharing the recipes sometime in the next fortnight; the bundt cake recipe and coconut cupcakes are really just one and the same. Hopefully I’ll be able to do so sooner than later, but as my mother is visiting next week I shall be a little busy drinking bubble-tea and eating dim-sum. As she’s a Benedict Cumberbatch fan, I’ve promised to take her to see the new Star Trek film. We’re also planning a wander to Old Spitalfields Market which I’m personally looking forwards too – I’m a sucker for cute dresses and second-hand knick-knacks.


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