Why Visit London?

In August, I will be acting as a tour guide to two people who have never visiting England’s capital before. The first is a friend travelling from Scandinavia, and the second my younger brother. I’m hoping that both of them will come to share my love of this wonderful city.

Before moving to London, I lived with the opinion that the capital wasn’t really anything special. It sounded expensive, crowded, and built up. In all honesty, having lived here for two years now, I can say that it is just that. Is that really such a bad thing, though? And is that true of all of London? After all, London is very large city.

It may be expensive, but there are so many free attractions in London that make it worth while. Also, if you know where to shop, then living -whilst still more than in my home town- really isn’t as costly as it first seems.

Crowded it certainly is, if you’re walking around the main tourist areas. But, if you leave the main roads -Oxford Street, Tottenham Court Road, Camden High Street- you may find yourself in a network of beautiful side-streets, with quaint little shops and cafés.

Lastly, whilst London is a very built up city, it is also a very green one. The number of parks and gardens open to the public astounded me when I came here. Whilst some require payment for entry, such as Kew Royal Botanical Gardens, many others, like Bushy Park and Regents Park, are free.

So, if the cost and hustle-and-bustle of the inner-city put you off of London, then I suggest giving the city a second chance.

10 brilliant London attractions, in no particular order;


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