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An Impromptu Sleepover

Today has been a bit of a busy day. I wouldn’t say hectic, but it certainly could have been more relaxed. A long story cut short, I’m staying at my grandparents for a few nights. I feel bad for intruding on such short notice, but at the same time it’s nice to see them and spend some time with them. Whilst growing up -before moving to university- I only got to see them twice, so any time I can spend with them is precious.

Today, I didn’t get that much time with them. With friends visiting from the states, I went on a little adventure to the British Museum.

Orrery at The British Museum

After the museum, we treated ourselves to bubble tea in chinatown (milk-tea is a serious addiction of mine) followed by little pastries from a shop I really had no idea existed, but I’ll sure will become a new haunt of mine. The Pandan Cake there looked perfect, so after getting a Melon Pastry for myself, I bought a large slice (and by large, I mean absolutely huge) for my grandparent’s to try. I’m happy to say they liked it!

After walking around and battling the elements a little more, I returned back to my home for the weekend. I was greeted by the least shy of my grandparent’s two cats. Isn’t he adorable?

Sadly, he has a wonderful habit of moving just as I focus on the perfect shot. Of many images, this is one of the small few that turned out okay. Hopefully I can get some more snaps during my time here.


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